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“I fell in love with Warrington – the town, its green open spaces, and its people – on my first visit in 1998 and came to live here with my family. It was a great honour to become the 133rd Mayor and first citizen of Warrington in 2016, and a privilege to serve you now in Parliament…”

Faisal Rashid


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23 hours ago

Faisal Rashid MP

'Supporting Local Charities'

Last week I spoke on how acts of generosity and compassion from local volunteers and charities provide lifelines for people in need. These volunteers are critical to the functioning of our community. They represent the very best of us.

But the Government must build upon this by supporting initiatives to help people of all ages and backgrounds volunteer. There is little evidence to suggest it is committed to doing so. And after over 8 years of Tory austerity, there is an over-reliance on the generosity of local people as a substitute for properly funded local services.

Volunteers should not be expected to pick up the pieces when swingeing Tory cuts shatter our local communities.

If the Government is serious about connecting communities by supporting charities and volunteers, it will make good on the Prime Minister’s promise last year that 'austerity is over'.
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5 days ago

Roken Price

Faisal. After tonight's (what is effectively a no confidence vote) in Dictator May, and given that she bribed the DUP with £1bn, has attempted to bribe Labour MPs with more funding in their constituencies, and is deliberately running down the clock, and so blackmailing MPs, is anyone going to call her to task on bribery, corruption and blackmail (all illegal)? ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Faisal Rashid MP

Today, I called on Lloyds Bank to scrap their new tiered overdraft system in a letter co-signed by 19 of my fellow The Labour Party MPs. The new overdraft system, announced in November 2018 and introduced in January this year, could see customers who go overdrawn by less than £1,250 required to pay an annual interest rate of 61%.

Lloyds Banking Group are the largest overdraft provider in the UK, and these new measures are likely to impact a number of my constituents. I have urged Lloyds to abandon these opportunistic and irresponsible measures.
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7 days ago

Faisal Rashid MP

'My Response to the BBC's public consultation on age-related TV licence policy'

I have written to the Director-General of BBC on behalf of my constituents in Warrington South regarding the BBC's public consultation over what action it should take when Government funding of the licence fees for over-75 households comes to an end.

In Warrington South, 6,990 households are currently eligible for an over-75 free TV Licence. I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are affected by this issue and who are concerned that they are at risk of losing this important benefit.

The TV licence is an important benefit for pensioners who suffer disproportionately from loneliness and social isolation. If TV licences are ended or means-tested, millions of older people, almost half of whom consider television their main source of company, will have to pay to keep the little company they do have.

Ending the free TV Licence could see approximately 2.4 million pensioners lose their licence and a further 50,000 pushed below the poverty line.

The current Government was elected on a manifesto which promised to maintain all pensioner benefits, including TV licences. I believe it must keep this promise by taking back responsibility for the TV licence. With that in mind, alongside my Labour colleagues, I will continue to press the Government to step in and save free TV licences for over-75s.
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