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Faisal Rashid

11th December 2018

Faisal Rashid MP’s speech on the Brexit deal

I was scheduled to speak in today’s EU Withdrawal Agreement but following the Prime Minister’s shambolic last-minute deferral of the vote, I will be unable to offer my view in parliament. Instead
Warrington South MP


is honoured to have been elected as your Member of Parliament for Warrington South.

“I fell in love with Warrington – the town, its green open spaces, and its people – on my first visit in 1998 and came to live here with my family. It was a great honour to become the 133rd Mayor and first citizen of Warrington in 2016, and a privilege to serve you now in Parliament…”

Faisal Rashid


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19 hours ago

Faisal Rashid MP

Press release:
Faisal Rashid MP welcomes Council’s rethink on Stockton Heath Recycling Centre

Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, has welcomed news that the closure of Stockton Heath Community Recycling Centre has been halted pending further investigative work.

In a report to Warrington Borough Council’s Executive Board, council officers originally recommended that the Stockton Heath Community Recycling Centre be closed, but instructed “…officers to allocate a suitable site for the provision of a CRC site within the South of the Borough as part of the Local Plan Process.”

While Faisal had welcomed the Council’s commitment to providing a new, fit for purpose alternative site in the south of Warrington, he expressed concerns about the proposal to close the Stockton Heath recycling centre upon completion of the improvement works at Woolston and Gatewarth, which would see residents in Stockton Heath, Appleton, Grappenhall, Thelwall, Walton, Stretton, Hatton and Lymm without access to a recycling centre in the local area.

Faisal has since held discussions with council chiefs to call for the Stockton Heath facility to be kept open until the alternative site in the south of the town is delivered. Following these discussions, the recommendation to close the Stockton Heath site was changed as follows “Request officers re visit the current operating model for the facility at Stockton Heath in partnership with the existing contractor, with a view to reducing the operational cost of the facility and report back with the outcome of their discussions to the May Executive at the latest.”

Commenting on the news Faisal said:

“Over the past week I have been in talks with Councillor Russ Bowden, Professor Steven Broomhead and senior officers from Warrington Borough Council over the future of the Stockton Heath Community Recycling Centre. I had raised concerns with them regarding proposals that would see the recycling centre closed upon completion of improvement works at Woolston and Gatewarth.

“I am delighted to hear that following my work on this issue, the Council’s Executive Board has now halted plans to close the Stockton Heath site and agreed to look again at ways to keep the site open until an alternative facility is delivered.

“Throughout our discussions, I made it clear that whilst I welcome the Council’s commitment to deliver a new recycling centre in the south of the town, there should be no gap in provision for residents in Stockton Heath, Appleton, Grappenhall, Thelwall, Walton, Stretton, Hatton and Lymm. The Stockton Heath site is well-used and therefore I believe it must remain in operation for as long as possible to ensure that communities in the south of the town do not experience any disruption to their recycling services.

“The Stockton Heath Community Recycling Centre will now remain open while usage of the site is monitored and re-evaluated. I hope that the findings from the investigative work will ensure that the Stockton Heath facility is kept open until a new site in the south of Warrington is delivered. I will continue to work closely with the Council on this important local issue.”
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4 days ago

Faisal Rashid MP

The results of my recent Brexit Survey 2018 are now available on my website here:

Once again, I would like to reiterate that I fully respect the referendum result of 2016. This survey was designed to gain a greater understanding of my constituents’ views on the ongoing situation of exiting the European Union, as there is no official data available which focuses solely on Warrington South constituency.

In total 1811 people completed the survey, with 935 people from Warrington South responded to the survey. Some key headlines are:

1) 72.9% said they voted Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum.
2) 72.6% said they would choose ‘Remain’ if there was a second vote.
3) 61.1% would prefer a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final deal.
4) 74.1% said they would vote to ‘Remain in the EU’ in a People’s Vote.
5) 10% of respondents who voted Leave in 2016 would now vote Remain.
6) Of those who did not vote, 58.3% would choose ‘Remain’ and 25% would choose ‘Leave’.

Apart from the survey, I have received over 1000 direct emails about Brexit in the last 12 months, in which 90% were Remain campaigns, where many people expressed their concerns about the Brexit process and the consequences of leaving the EU.

Read more on the results here:
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5 days ago

Faisal Rashid MP

“Debate on affordable credit”

I recently spoke at a debate on the appalling and exploitative lending practices that target many of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Despite the welcome demise of big payday lenders such as Wonga, people without enough to get by remain over-exposed to manipulative lending practices. With in-work poverty on the rise, the Government must do more to reform the broken credit model and tackle the persistent debt spiral into which many working families have fallen. Often, low-income households are unaware of or unable to access affordable credit provision in their local area or nationally.

I hope that the Government will begin to take a proactive approach to solving this critical issue.
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