1 February 2018 is Time to Talk Day.

“Today let’s spread the word that wherever you are, any place can be the right space to talk about mental health – queuing for the cinema, sitting on a bus, or even in a lift”


Too often, it is left to people with mental health problems to talk about mental health. It is treated as a taboo subject – something to only be spoken about in quiet corners.


Last October, I gave my backing to a music video featuring Kyle Hignett, a local Rap Artist that recently attracted national headlines with his battle against mental illness. You can read about it here.


The video is set in the former Warrington market basement and includes performances from a selection of traders and people associated with the market, each acting out a story encouraging people to talk about their own mental health.


I am very sympathetic to the issue of mental health awareness and this video is a great way to get people talking about the subject.


Too many people with mental health problems are still made to feel isolated, worthless and ashamed. Mental health affects us all, and everyone should feel able to talk about it.


Talking about mental health helps end the shame and isolation felt by those with mental health problems. Whether you are at work, at home – or even up a mountain – have a conversation about mental health. Conversations have the power to change lives, wherever they take place.


Many of the charities I have worked with throughout my life have worked with have worked closely with communities and individuals affected by terminal illness, life changing disabilities and mental health issues to name a few. Mental health is often a taboo topic with a stigma attached to it which leaves many vulnerable people suffering alone and in silence.


One way that we can all change the taboo’s and stigma’s associated with mental health, is by talking about it. Listening to people’s stories, understanding their issues and collectively working together to let people know that they are not alone, and no matter what the issue may be, we will listen, without prejudice and offer our support whenever we can.


In Warrington, I am proud to be a patron for St Rocco’s Hospice, Care UK and Warrington Disability Partnership as well as many others.  I look forward to working with many more in the near future.



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