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I am pleased to share my latest e-newsletter for March 2019 with news of some of my work in Westminster and in Warrington South Constituency as your MP.

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Ongoing Survey

Faisal Rashid MP's Warrington South Traffic Survey

Have Your Say
I am regularly contacted by constituents who tell me they are fed-up with the intolerable levels of traffic congestion in the town. Congestion in the town is leading to significant delays travelling even the shortest of distances in the town. And this isn’t just affecting travel time to and from work. It can mean …

March 2019 Highlights

A summary of some of my work this month.


I am sure you share my deep disappointment and frustration at parliament’s inability to reach a conclusive outcome in last night's indicative votes on Brexit. While the Tories refuse to back their own Prime Minister’s botched Brexit deal, they have also refused to support any credible alternative. My position has been clear: …

Faisal supports #Backto60 Campaign

I am proud to support the #Backto60 campaign on behalf of all #WASPI women impacted by this Government's unfair deferral of state pensions.

26th Anniversary of IRA Bomb Attacks

We remember the terrible events that took place 26 years ago, which killed 3-year-old Johnathan Ball and left 12-year-old Tim Parry to die from the horrendous wounds he suffered. 54 other people were injured including Bronwen Vickers who lost a leg in the blast and died a year later. On this dark day in our town’s history my thoughts …

Warrington Guardian Column
International Trade Deals

International Trade deals can sometimes feel abstract and remote, far removed from our everyday lives. Ironically, nothing could be further from the truth. Trading relationships determine our living standards, jobs and access to resources. Britain’s prosperity has always been tied to how we do business with the rest of the world. Healthy trading relationships are key to shared prosperity and …

Remembrance for victims of the New Zealand Mosque attack

We are blessed with so many lovely and kind people in Warrington. Thank you to everyone who managed to come this evening at Warrington Islamic Association Centre to remember 50 innocent people who were killed in an horrific terror attack in New Zealand. We must work together to eliminate this evil of hatred. Thank you everyone at Warrington Islamic Association Centre for organising …

Faisal joins Warrington School children in Climate Change Protest

I was thrilled to see young people out in Warrington to demand more action on climate change. By taking to the streets to make their voices heard, they are teaching us the importance of tackling climate change for future generations. The Labour Party are listening to young people. When we go into government, we will take strong action …

Faisal's Statement on Warrington Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan

As the MP for Warrington South I have a duty to ensure that the views of every community I represent are heard. Since my election in 2017, I have always spoken out on the issues that matter to my constituents. I have strongly opposed development of our Green Belt land. I have objected to inappropriate planning applications on …

Faisal's Statement on EU Withdrawal Bill Amendments (14th March)

After a long week of Brexit votes and parliamentary division, I want to update my constituents on this weeks’ votes and outline my position in more detail. From the beginning of the Brexit process, I have always been clear in my desire to respect the result of the 2016 referendum while protecting existing jobs, living standards and rights from …

Faisal Rashid MP calls for more school funding

Last year, I surveyed 30 schools from across Warrington South. Every single one of the schools surveyed reported that they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their current levels of funding. Despite the best efforts of our hard-working school leaders to protect their pupils from budget cuts, this is becoming more and more difficult. …

Warrington South MP slams Peel Ports for massive swing bridge delays

Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, has launched a scathing attack on Peel Ports for the massive delays in refurbishing the town’s three swing bridges. Many Warrington South residents have been calling for these works for several years, expressing anger and frustration over the lack of action. Towards the end of last year Faisal wrote to the Chief Executive of …
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