BBC Consultation on TV Licence Fee for Over 75’s

By failing to protect the free TV Licence for over 75s, the Government is shamefully breaking its own 2017 manifesto pledge.

“According to Age UK, nearly a third of over 75s are living in poverty or just above the poverty line. If the free over 75s TV licence is scrapped, finding the money needed to pay for this additional bill will be impossible for those struggling to make ends meet. And, at a time when social isolation and loneliness is on the rise, this could mean the loss of their main form of company.

“The BBC has launched a public consultation on what, if any, TV licence fee concession should be in place for older people from June 2020. I am urging constituents to take part in the consultation and to make their views known. The consultation is running until 12 February 2019. Have your say here:

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