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``I fell in love with Warrington – the town, its green open spaces, and its people – on my first visit in 1998 and came to live here with my family. It was a great honour to become the 133rd Mayor and first citizen of Warrington in 2016, and a privilege to serve you now in Parliament…``


My political life at a glance...

I took an active part in the 2010 general election as I wanted to make a positive contribution to my community at the time of a difficult economic era.

Due to my very active role in campaigning and helping the Labour candidate in Warrington South in the general election, I was asked by local party members to stand for a council seat.

I was elected as a Councillor in Warrington in May 2011 and Parish Councillor in 2012.

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My passion for helping my local community led me to stand for a council seat in 2011 which was not a target seat and I worked very hard to prove myself, winning the Whittle Hall seat back for Labour after 8 years. After the boundary changes, the ward has been renamed as Chapelford & Old Hall.

I am proud to be representing the residents of Chapelford & Old Hall who have shown great confidence in me. In return, I have tried my best to keep their trust and have worked hard to represent their interests at the council which I will continuously strive to do but now as their MP, along with my fellow ward councillors, Rebecca Knowles and Steve Parish.


I became the 133rd Mayor and first citizen of Warrington in 2016.

I always wanted to make a difference in the local community and was passionate about improving lives and building a stronger and more cohesive community where we all have acceptance, peace, love and harmony devoid of prejudice about colour, race and religion.

With these ambitions in my sight, I was given this lifetime opportunity of serving the people of Warrington as their Mayor. And in a matter just one year, we have worked together towards changing the social and business landscape of Warrington.


My Academic Background and Professional Career at a Glance...

I have a masters degree in business administration (MBA) and have worked in the banking industry for almost 20 years.

I was a team manager at HBOS where I lead and managed a team involving a range of management activities, from sales, recruitment to performance management.

Since joining Natwest Bank in January 2006, I have been managing a portfolio of SME customers and covering business development activities. This has provided me with an insight of issues businesses are facing and gave me an opportunity to help them.



Member of International Trade select committee

Overseeing the Department for International Trade

June 2017

Mayor of Warrington

133rd Mayor and first citizen of Warrington

May 2016

Deputy Mayor of Warrington

Succeeding Cllr Geoff Settle

May 2015

August 2017

Member of Parliament

for Warrington South

May 2016

Re-elected as Borough and Parish Councillor

Chapelford and Old Hall Ward

May 2015

Re-elected as Borough Councillor

Whittle Hall Ward

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12 hours ago

Stephen Higham

Can you tell me categorically now that it is Labour Party policy to remove no deal from the country’s bargaining position with the EU?

Has Jeremy finally gotten off the fence?
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2 days ago

Rick Jervis

When will you resign for going against your constituents?
You are suppose to represent the electoral in your constituency but you clearly treat the majority with contempt.
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2 days ago

Iain Curtin

Hi Faisal .. please could you respond to my email regarding 2019 loan charge? I have heard nothing back in over a week. Reg Iain ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Faisal Rashid MP

Local government services are integral to building the vibrant, inclusive communities that we all deserve. They are also vital for safeguarding the most vulnerable in our communities and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Warrington Borough Council is one of the lowest funded of the 91 unitary and metropolitan authorities outside London, and it is the second lowest funded in the north-west resulting in Warrington taxpayers paying more and getting less because of the Government’s austerity agenda.

In October last year the Prime Minister declared that austerity was over, but I cannot see that it is over. The Government must heed the advice of local representatives from all over the country by investing properly in our communities.

At the general election, Labour pledged £8 billion extra to fund social care, alongside an additional £500 million a year for Sure Start and early intervention services. If the Government are serious about ending austerity, that is the kind of investment that local government requires to rejuvenate our communities after eight years of crippling austerity.
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3 days ago

Alexandra Stansby

Just in case Mrs M tries to serve up her rotten deal as fresh fish in the next few days, your lads and lassies might profitably consult Erskine May on the subject of it being contrary to parliamentary rules to propose the same, or substantially the same, motion in the same session. 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

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