Cheshire MPs put pressure on Home Secretary to secure fairer funding for Cheshire Police

In response to a letter about the determinantal impact of police cuts in Cheshire from the Police and Crime Commissioner and Acting Chief Constable, several Cheshire MPs have written to the Home Secretary to raise concerns about police funding.

Cheshire constabulary has faced £60 million worth of cuts since 2010 and is expected to make a further £12 million worth of cuts in the next two years. Concerns over the impact of these cuts have already been raised by UNISON and the Cheshire Police Federation.

The group of MPs, led by Warrington South MP, Faisal Rashid, have asked the Home Secretary to provide them with assurances that Cheshire Police will have the resources they need to keep local communities safe.

In the letter the MPs share their concerns about rising crime figures and the impact of budget cuts on the safety of their constituents. They also raise concerns about the Government’s decision to hit their constituents in the pockets by asking them to fill the budget gaps through pushing Commissioners to increase the policing precept.

The MPs have pledged to do all they can to secure a fairer funding settlement for police in Cheshire. A settlement that ensures police officers have the resources they need to tackle crime in their local communities.

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