All that is wrong with Claire Fox as a Brexit Party Candidate

The selection of Claire Fox as a Brexit Party candidate for the European Parliament means that, 26 years on from the bombing, Warrington residents are faced with the prospect of being represented by someone who defended the IRA’s murderous attack on our town, an attack which killed two young boys and maimed many of our residents.

This is simply unacceptable.

26 years ago, the whole of Warrington came together in their condemnation of the totally unjustified IRA attacks on our town.

Over the past 48 hours, Claire Fox has been given the opportunity to admit that she was wrong to defend the IRA bombings of our town. So far she has completely failed to do so.

Her expressions of ‘greatest sympathy’ for the Parry family, as well as saying she is not ‘insensitive to the pain and suffering caused to the innocent victims of events such as the Warrington bomb’ are extremely offensive in the absence of a complete and unreserved apology for the support she gave to the IRA for bombing our town.

Even at this late stage, Claire Fox must show the families of all the victims and the residents of Warrington more respect and apologise without reservation. She should also stand down now as a European Parliamentary candidate as she is not a fit and proper person to represent our town.

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