FR Management Consultant Ltd

Faisal Rashid launched FR Management Consultant Ltd in December 2019. Company provides management and public relations consultancy. Company is benefiting enormously from his private and public sector experience. Company is also establishing a Think Tank with the name of “Institute of UK-World Alliance”.

Change with Confidence

At the heart of change lies opportunity. You need a winning strategy, powered by insights from data and AI that can be executed at scale, with speed and certainty across your enterprise.

No matter what business, no matter where you are in the world, our unrivaled industry and function experts help you shape your future to create clearly defined, measurable value. Unleash your talents and apply the new, now with a career that disrupts and rapidly reinvents business.

Our Expertise

Management Consultancy

Political Consultancy

Marketing & Advertising Consultancy

Lead Generation and Facilitation

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Approach


We provide tailored advice that is right for an individual’s current needs and future aspirations; we pride ourselves on our bespoke service. Your mortgage is potentially the single largest financial commitment you will make and we want to make sure any advice that we provide will ensure your mortgage isn’t a burden to you.

Why we are different


Looking after you is of paramount importance. We’re on hand even when your mortgage transaction has completed should you need to discuss anything further or your circumstances change. We will also remind you when your current deal is due to expire so you can prepare for the next step.

Award Winning


We are proud to have won the prestigious Equity Release Awards four times, so far…..

We care about our clients, and never want them to feel pressured into taking equity release. To this end, our meetings are free and without obligation, we will meet with clients and after completing a Fact-Find we will arrange a follow-up meeting to present our recommendations.

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