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Overwhelmed with the support of Warrington South Labour members in last night’s AGM. Over 70% of votes give me a clear indication and confidence to carry out my new role as Chair of the Warrington South Constituency Labour Party.
Real work starts now! @UKLabour @LabourNorthWest

Having a great evening with my old staff from MP office. Great to meet with everyone and know all are doing well. Love you guys and don’t worry our time will come soon 👌
#keepthefaith #LabourParty #ForThePeople
@UKLabour @LabourNorthWest


Soaring cases.

Highest death toll in Europe.

Worst-hit major economy.

Businesses closing.

A million kids off school last week.

Millions to self-isolate.

Boris Johnson let a new variant in and is causing mass confusion on public health advice.

Heading for a summer of chaos.

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