‘Deeply unfair’ – north to receive £2,555 less per person than London in transport investment

Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, responding to new figures by IPPR North which reveal that the North receives £2,555 less per person than London in transport investment, said:

“This shows that the Government’s claims are unfounded and the Tories’ record on transport spending in the North remains abysmal.

“In the last year, the Tories clipped the wings of Transport for the North by refusing it any meaningful powers, scrapped long-promised rail electrification and failed to match Labour’s commitment of at least £10 billion of investment to build a Crossrail for the North to link our great Northern regions.

“With its misleading statistics, it’s clear that this Government won’t be upfront about the scale of its underinvestment in the North.”


Faisal Rashid MP said:

“I am extremely disappointed to see that once again when it comes to Conservative Government transport spending there is a distinct north-south imbalance. This must be addressed urgently.

“The Government has claimed that it is committed to improving regional productivity and transport infrastructure is key to the development of the northern powerhouse the Government hopes to build. Yet the IPPR North figures reveal where this Government’s real priorities lie.

“This is yet another kick in the teeth for my constituents who are bearing the brunt of the Government’s decision to impose on them the Halton bridge tolls. This Government U-turn is now costing my constituents in the region of £1,000 a year.

“How can it be fair to expect Warrington South residents to spend £1,000 a year to cover the costs of new transport infrastructure, when the north receives £2,555 less per person than London in transport investment.

“This underinvestment in the north is deeply unfair. It is high time that we received the transport investment our town needs for the benefit of Warrington South residents and businesses.

“I will do everything in my power as the local MP to redress this imbalance, and improve transport investment in Warrington South and across the region.”

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