Faisal challenges Government Minister on Local Council Funding cuts

On Monday 17th June it was Communities and Local Government Questions.

The question I put to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government was “What recent assessment he has made of the effect of changes in the level of Government funding for local authorities on the adequacy of the services that they provide.”

Many people in my constituency and nationally are being severely affected by the cuts to Local Council funding. I found his response to be awfully inadequate and therefore also asked:

We know only too well by now that central Government underfunding of local authorities has devastated many of our constituents through cuts to many essential services. Perhaps the most dismal funding failure of all from this Government has been on housing, with the building of social housing at its lowest level since world war two. When will the Government wake up and realise that our housing is in crisis and at breaking point?

Watch the video in full to see the Ministers response.

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