Faisal meets school pupil James Lee to discuss the prevalence of ‘Fake News’

Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, recently met Sir Thomas Boteler pupil, James Lee, to discuss fake news and its role in today’s society. James was invited to meet Faisal to conduct an interview for a school project.

During the meeting, James asked Faisal for his views on fake news and what action he thought was needed to combat it.

Fake news is the deliberate distribution of misinformation under the guise of fact, often in order to advance one’s personal agenda or point of view.

Faisal said that the increasing prevalence of fake news presents a unique challenge to the media and media regulation; fake news has the potential to undermine public trust in our media and democratic discourse.

Faisal said:


“It was great to meet James. His questions were thought provoking and posed some interesting points in regards to how we tackle the prevalence of fake news today.

“Fake news is a serious problem. The practical and ethical questions raised by fake news are complicated. While not a recent phenomenon, it has existed for almost the entirety of human history, what makes it so prevalent today is use of technology and social media.

“We can try to tackle fake news and reduce its prevalence, but ultimately the most important thing to do is educate people about it, especially young people, and teach them how to identify it, and how to think critically about the things they read, and research them before sharing them on social media.

“I am glad to see young students like James take an interest in this important issue, and I hope he found it an interesting and informative discussion.”

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