Faisal Rashid MP launches annual Warrington South Community Champion Awards to recognise local heroes

Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, is launching his first annual Community Champion Awards on Thursday 1st March at Warrington Town Hall.


The awards celebrate people from across Warrington South who make a real difference to others and recognise the efforts of a wide-range of people for their achievements throughout 2017. From those who support charitable causes or work with young people, to those who carry out important or community work or provide support in times of need.

The awards are given to Warrington South residents who are passionate about where they live and work hard to inspire others.

The following awards are being presented:

  • Community Award
  • Media Award
  • Charity of the Year 2017
  • Lifetime Achievement Award.

From this year the awards will take place annually, with nominations for the 2018 awards opening later this year.

Faisal said:

“I am delighted to launch the first of my Faisal Rashid MP Community Champion Awards. I am really looking forward to congratulating all of the winners.   

During my time as the Mayor of Warrington it was a real privilege to present awards to worthy recipients from across our town. I met so many inspirational people and after hearing about their contributions to Warrington I felt very strongly that their efforts should continue to be recognised. That is why as the MP for Warrington South I wanted to launch the Faisal Rashid MP annual Community Champion Awards.

My awards are given to people who are passionate about where they live and work hard to inspire others. Each of the nominees has a fantastic story to tell. Their remarkable efforts have been highlighted by the members of their community, by their workplace or family.  I hope that Warrington residents will be proud to hear about the wonderful generosity and community spirit we have in the town and will be inspired to act.

As the MP for Warrington South it is a real privilege and an honour to represent a town in which so many remarkable people live and work. I look forward to presenting the awards and to celebrating their contribution to our town during what will be an evening to remember.”

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