Faisal Rashid MP Criticises the Government’s Record on Social Care

Today in the House of Commons, Faisal Rashid MP criticised the Government’s record on Social Care in an Opposition Day Debate on the issue.

Faisal said: “Under a Conservative Government, social care is in crisis.

“By March 2018 we will have seen £6.3 billion cut from the Adult Social Care budget during 8 years of Conservative-led Government. In the same 8 years, there has been a 48% increase in the number of people who have some form of unmet need. This is no coincidence.

“Local Authorities, like Warrington Borough Council, are already being forced to do more with less.

“Central Government should be supporting our Local Authorities, helping them provide the much-needed services that offer dignity and independence to those in need, not making their jobs harder by the day.

“It is time that Government Ministers stop burying their heads in the sand, and take the urgent action that is needed to tackle the social care crisis”.

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