Faisal Rashid MP Meets with Defence Minister to Discuss Service Families Support

Following a Question in the House of Commons on the 27th November, where Faisal questioned Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood about the fact that one in three Military Spouses did not know where to go for services that provide welfare support while their partner is deployed; Faisal met with the Minister this week to continue their discussions.

Faisal asked the Minister, who is responsible for civilian and service personnel policy, and welfare and service families, what steps his Department is taking to improve the awareness of the support that is available to families whilst their spouses are deployed. Faisal also questioned the Minister about the impact that accommodation and ‘patch life’ have on the satisfaction levels of Service families, and what steps can be taken to ensure they feel supported.

After the meeting, Faisal said:

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with the Defence Minister to raise important issues with him concerning service family support and satisfaction.


“Our armed forces are an extraordinarily brave and hardworking group of people who play an extremely important role in our society and it is beyond doubt that their families play a vital role in providing the support that allows them to carry out their jobs with such professionalism. It is extremely important that we support these families and provide them with the services they need to support their loved ones.


“I will continue to support our armed forces and to press the Government to commit to ensuring that the families of our armed forces receive the support that they deserve.”

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