Faisal Rashid MP meets with Highways England to discuss local roads

This week in Westminster, Faisal Rashid MP attended a meeting with representatives from Highways England to discuss Warrington roads.

They discussed improvements that are being made in and around Warrington South, and what future improvements could be considered for the 2020-2025 spending plan. Faisal raised constituents concerns about the roads, especially on the issues of traffic congestion, the impact of roadworks and the need for improvements to certain junctions.

After the meeting, Faisal said: “I was very happy to have the opportunity to speak with Highways England today and to learn more about the work they do in and around Warrington.

“The M6, M56 and the M62 are all roads of great interest for many of my constituents, and I am pleased I had the opportunity to raise concerns and discuss solutions to the problems that we are facing with Highways England.

“One of the notable concerns that I raised was about problems with Junction 8 of M62. I suggested investigating the possibility of a slip road from the M62 directly to Omega, which would improve congestion issues for many of my constituents, especially those who live nearby in Great Sankey.

“This piece of work is incredibly important, particularly when the Omega site is being developed with a further 1100 houses.

“I look forward to working with them in the future, and will certainly be contributing to next years’ consultation on what work should be funded for the 2020-2025 programme, to ensure the best deal for my constituents in Warrington South.”

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