Faisal Rashid MP meets with OPEG in Warrington

Today, Faisal was thrilled to meet with the Older People’s Engagement Group (OPEG) in his Constituency.

Faisal was very pleased so many members of the group took the time to meet with him, and to share their views on the Lifetime Initiative supervised by Warrington Housing Association with him.  

Faisal had the opportunity to look around the facilities and services available to the OPEG, and to discuss working with the OPEG in future, and representing their views in the local community.

Members of the OPEG raised the issue that services are often not open to them on Bank Holidays due to staff restrictions, and Faisal has pledged to speak to the Housing Association about training volunteers to keep these services up and running over Bank Holidays.

After the meeting, Faisal said: “It was a pleasure to talk with members of the OPEG today, some of whom were familiar faces from my Mayoral Year, and it is a great honour to become the first Under 50 Member of the group! I hope to work closely with the group in the future, these individuals have given a tremendous amount to our communities throughout their working lives and it is important that we continue to look after them and provide them with the services they need.”

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