Faisal Rashid MP meets with Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry.

Yesterday in Westminster, Faisal Rashid MP met with Jake Berry, a Minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government, who is responsible for the Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth.

Faisal organised this meeting to discuss two major issues facing Warrington South and the local region. The meeting was also attended by, Justin Madders MP, Chris Matheson MP and Mike Amesbury MP.

After the meeting, Faisal said “It was great to meet with Minister Berry today, and I am thankful to him for taking the time to discuss important local issues with myself and my colleagues.

“We discussed the devolution deal for Cheshire and Warrington, and the Minister assured me that the Department is still producing a proposed devolution framework for the UK and that the Government continues to make progress with devolution deals.

“We also discussed the tolls on the Mersey Gateway and the sense of injustice many of our constituents are feeling, in part owed to the broken promise from former Chancellor George Osborne; and in part owed to the regional disparity of tolls across the United Kingdom.

“We spoke about the the damage the introduction of the toll will do to the local economy, and the Government’s failure to recognise the crossing as a potential economic corridor, helping to build the Northern Powerhouse the Minister is responsible for.

“My colleagues and I also raised the issue of poor signage towards the Mersey Gateway that is causing many of my constituents to be fined for using the toll, or indeed some to drive over the bridge without even realising it is tolled!

Minister Berry assured me and my colleagues that he would enter discussions with the Department for Transport about what can be done next to ease the burden from our constituents in the short term and in the longer and medium terms. He agreed a follow-up meeting in the New Year to discuss any progress, and I look forward to meeting with him then”

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