Faisal Rashid MP responds to the Government’s Leasehold Consultation.

Yesterday (18th September), Faisal wrote to the Department for Communities and Local Government, calling for extensive reform of Leasehold Law. This is an incredibly important issue for many of Faisal’s constituents in Warrington South, and Faisal passionately believes in standing up for his constituents on this issue.

In response to the consultation, Faisal said that:

“The fact that so many home-owners have to live with such conditions is completely unacceptable, and I am disappointed that the Government have taken this long to take this issue seriously. For the last year Labour has been saying that using leasehold to sell homes is unfair and unjustifiable, and I believe we must use this consultation to put an end to grossly unfair terms and conditions, including ground rent rises, unfair charges to carry out home alterations and staggering crisis in the cost for leaseholders to purchase their freeholds.”

See Faisal’s full response here

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