I am sure you share my deep disappointment and frustration at parliament’s inability to reach a conclusive outcome in last night’s indicative votes on Brexit. While the Tories refuse to back their own Prime Minister’s botched Brexit deal, they have also refused to support any credible alternative.

My position has been clear: I was not elected to make my constituents poorer and will not vote to do so by supporting no deal or the Prime Minister’s deal. But I also want to respect the result of the 2016 referendum by finding a compromise solution to leave the European Union with support across parliament. That is why I voted in favour of amendments which would allow us to leave the European Union while protecting Warrington’s existing jobs and living standards. It is also why I voted in support of amendments which protect us from the threat of no deal and a damaging Tory Brexit.

Sadly, by sticking to impossible red lines and running down the clock, the Prime Minister has created nothing but parliamentary deadlock and division. Last night, she announced her planned resignation – not to the public or to parliament, but to a closed meeting of Tory MPs in a desperate bid to get her failed deal over the line. This epitomises her opportunistic and embarrassing handling of the Brexit negotiations, failing time and time again to act in the national interest and work towards a successful compromise.

The British public deserve better than this tiresome display of bitter Tory infighting and amateur political leadership.

This is why I have also supported amendments which allow a confirmatory public vote on any agreed Brexit deal. If there is not sufficient support in parliament for any outcome and the Prime Minister refuses to work towards a compromise, then I believe we are left with no choice other than putting a vote back to the public.

I understand the strength of feeling among my constituents on both sides of this debate. Whether you voted to leave or remain, you have been let down by this Government’s shambolic handling of Brexit.

I will continue to work for an outcome which puts Warrington’s jobs, rights and living standards first.

The amendments I supported in last night’s votes were:

M – Confirmatory public vote on any Brexit deal.
L – Revoke Article 50 to avoid No Deal
K – Labour’s alternative Brexit plan
J – Leaving with membership of the Customs Union
D – Common Market 2.0

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