Faisal Rashid MP supports lowering the voting age to 16

Today in Westminster MP’s debated a bill to lower the voting age to 16. The Bill was supported by the Labour Party, including Warrington South MP, Faisal Rashid.  

After the debate, Faisal said: “I believe that in order to ensure our democracy works for everyone, it is crucial that our young people are politically engaged and have a voice.

“I met many of the 2,000 16 and 17 year olds in Warrington South during my campaign and since I have become their elected representative; I believe that these politically engaged and socially aware young people deserve to have their voices heard.

“There is widespread support for the Votes@16 campaign, in Warrington South and across the United Kingdom.

“We are sending a clear message that if young people are old enough to join the Army and pay tax, they should also be given the right to vote.

“Unfortunately, the Conservative Government showed its weaknesses yet again by ‘talking out’ the Bill, but the campaign will continue.

“The Government is, once again, finding itself on the wrong side of the debate.”

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