Faisal Rashid MP supports WASPI Campaign

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Today, in Westminster, Faisal Rashid MP met with several WASPI campaigners to hear their stories and discuss the future of their political campaign.

Faisal had the opportunity to speak at the event, alongside the women, and pledged his full support to their campaign.

After the event, Faisal said: “I am honoured that these women came to Parliament to share their stories with myself and my colleagues. It is heart-breaking to hear that so many of these women are struggling, and the Government continues to claim to be unable to find the money to support them. Yet the same Government is able to find £1bn for a deal with the DUP, and is able to give tax breaks to large corporations. It is truly sickening.”

We should be treating people who have worked hard their entire lives with dignity and respect, not putting them through unnecessary suffering. I pledge to continue to support WASPI campaigners and champion their cause, in Warrington South and across the U.K.”

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