Faisal’s latest Brexit statement

This evening, myself and MPs from all sides of the House are due to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.  

Ahead of tonight’s historic vote in the House of Commons, I wanted to outline why I will be voting against the Prime Minister’s Deal.

I have always accepted and respected the result of the 2016 referendum while working to represent the concerns of my constituents on both sides of the debate.

This is one of the most important political decisions in a lifetime. This decision will affect not only our generation, but also future generations. And so it is absolutely essential that we get it right.

Hundreds of my constituents who voted both Leave and Remain have contacted me over the last couple of months to give their opinions on the deal. It is clear that people from across Warrington South are deeply divided on what our future partnership with the EU should look like. I have however carefully considered the points raised by all of my constituents and I am grateful for this feedback.

The deal that has been presented to us is not one that anyone voted for – regardless of whether they voted to Leave or Remain. From the correspondence I have received to date and the conversations I have had throughout the constituency, it is also clear to me that most people in Warrington South do not support the Brexit deal that the Prime Minister has put forward.

As the Member of Parliament for Warrington South, I will do my best to make the right decisions for my constituents, and for the country – with the information that is available to me. I am absolutely committed to ensuring that the Government achieves the best possible deal for Warrington South and the UK as a whole. One that protects jobs, the economy and rights.

The Prime Minister has completely lost her grip on this issue. The Government has suffered humiliating defeats, and in a historic move, it was found in contempt of Parliament over its refusal to publish the full Brexit legal advice. Despite delaying the vote until this evening, it is clear that this is the same flawed deal that the Prime Minister put before the House in December last year. The Prime Minister has not secured any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement or the Political Declaration.

The deal fails to protect manufacturing, offers no firm protections for services and fails to protect workers’ rights and the environment.

This deal is bad for the United Kingdom, it is bad for Warrington and therefore is not a deal that I can support.I cannot vote for a bad Brexit deal that makes my constituents poorer. 

However, I do not accept the choice is between this deal or no deal. Voting against a bad deal should not be taken as an endorsement of no deal at all. Leaving the EU without a deal would be the worst possible outcome to this process, with severe consequences across many areas. This would include an end to the frictionless and tariff-free trade with the EU that our manufacturers rely on and no agreement on how to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

If the Prime Minister’s deal is voted down this evening, Labour will work across Parliament to block ‘no deal’.

I do not believe this deal is in the national interest, and therefore I have no option but to vote against the Prime Minister’s deal this evening.
oting against the Prime Minister’s deal does not mean voting against Brexit.

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