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Faisal is a highly successful finance professional having experience of over 20 years in the financial industry. His career spanned from Halifax Bank of Scotland, where he held managerial positions for about seven years until switching to a relationship management position over at Natwest Bank (RBS Group) for about twelve years. Currently, Faisal is a managing director of Westminster Finance Limited and FR Mortgages Ltd, the companies he established himself in 2020.

Westminster Finance

After the 2019 general election, Faisal decided to start his own business. Faisal has always believed that businesses should be given a chance as they create wealth, jobs, and prosperity.

In this turn of events, he launched Westminster Finance in February 2020, just pre-COVID lockdown, a company that provides bespoke financial solutions to businesses and financial consultancy. Whether clients are looking to buy property for investments or re-mortgage their properties, Westminster Finance will help to package a deal that is suitable according to the individual’s circumstances and then find the best lender.

The company is a one-stop for all your finance needs.

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FR Mortgages

Since launching Westminster Finance in February 2020 Faisal had been getting a lot of inquiries on residential mortgages that are not directly provided by Westminster Finance. To give mortgage advice, one has to be qualified enough to do so.

So during, COVID, Faisal got enrolled in the London Institute of Banking and Finance for the CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) course which he completed successfully and allowed him to launch FR Mortgages Ltd in September 2020 dedicated to solely providing residential mortgage advice as well as offering protection in terms of life, critical illness, income protection, building, and content insurance. 

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