Faisal Rashid MP’s Warrington South Traffic Survey 2019

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I am regularly contacted by constituents who tell me they are fed-up with the intolerable levels of traffic congestion in the town.

Congestion in the town is leading to significant delays travelling even the shortest of distances in the town. And this isn’t just affecting travel time to and from work. It can mean missed hospital appointments or delays for parents dropping off and collecting their children from school or childcare. My constituents tell me they want to see action taken to tackle the traffic misery.

To get a better understanding of the problems and how local people are affected I am conducting a traffic survey. As part of the survey I am asking Warrington South constituents for ideas on how traffic congestion in the constituency can be relieved.

I will be feeding the comments I receive on to Warrington Borough Council as part of the Council’s consultation on the Draft Fourth Local Transport Plan (LTP4).

The survey is now closed.

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