Labour MP’s Stand United in Support of Cheshire Fire Service

Faisal Rashid proud to stand united with Labour MP’s Chris Mattheson, Mike Amesbury, Justin Madders,  Laura Smith & Derek Twigg Supporting Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

During today’s (Wednesday 14th February) meeting of Cheshire Fire Authority members were asked to decide on a review to change the duty system from whole time (full-time) to on-call (part-time)
An amendment to maintain the fire engine permanently as a fully-manned pump was defeated by 15 votes to three.
But fire authority chairman Cllr Bob Rudd (Lab, Garden Quarter) then put forward an amendment to instruct the (fire service’s) officers to determine if the second fire engine at Ellesmere Port could be relocated to another area or station, which was carried by 18 votes to 3.
  • Source Credit: Chester Chronicle :

Following the Grenfell Tragedy last year, Faisal Rashid MP met with Paul Hancock, Chief Fire Officer at Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service.  A broad range of issues were discussed, including concerns raised by constituents locally and through national campaigns. The meeting was both informative and productive, including details of all risk assessments and inspections which had been pro-actively completed in Warrington and neighbouring constituencies.

Recently Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service were once again faced with further funding cuts.  Faisal was proud to co-sign a letter to the Fire Authority led by his fellow Labour MP’s objecting to proposals for further reductions in their areas.  Working together on issues which have an impact on across the region is essential and any issue which affects the public sector and public safety needs to be taken seriously. We cannot allow for funding cuts which put the lives of the public at risk and it is important that we always work as a team for the genuine benefit of the communities we serve.

You can read the full letter below:

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