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All Faisal’s work in parliament can be accessed here

In 2017, Faisal was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Warrington South, winning the seat back for the Labour Party after 7 years of Conservative rule. Since entering parliament, he has been appointed as a member of the International Trade Select Committee, responsible for scrutinising Britain’s overseas trade policy and ensuring that the Government builds sustainable, long term links between the UK and international markets.

Faisal founded and chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Belt & Road Initiative and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a cross-party forum promoting UK awareness and understanding of both global trading initiatives. He also chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Groups for Business Support and Engagement, Healthcare Infrastructure, and Trade Justice.

All Faisal’s work in parliament can be accessed here

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Developers using dangerous cladding have donated £2.5 million to the Tory party since Grenfell.

The 10 biggest housebuilders have made £15 billion in profit since Grenfell.

If the polluter should pay, why is the Government forcing leaseholders into debt to pay for this crisis?

I've just heard @MattHancock justify breaking the law by saying he stopped any shortage of PPE in the first wave of the pandemic.
This is a grotesque lie.
We had so little PPE that 100s of health workers died.
Do you think we've forgotten, Health Secretary? #marr

Matt Hancock acted unlawfully by failing to publish Covid contracts | Matt Hancock | The Guardian

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