Faisal calls on Peel Ports to hold firm on swing bridge promise

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Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, has written to the Chief Executive of Peel Ports, Mark Whitworth, to raise concerns about the maintenance of the swing bridges in Warrington South.

In his letter, Faisal states that the bridges, which carry the public highway, are in a poor state of repair and are in desperate need of painting. He calls for assurances that the work will be carried out soon and he asks for a schedule of the works.

Faisal said:

“My constituents are rightly fed-up by the lack of action on this issue. For too long the bridges, located on Chester Road, London Road and Knutsford Road, have been left in a poor state and in need of immediate attention.

“I am disappointed that despite the reported promises by Peel Ports that they intend to begin maintenance on the bridges, nothing has materialised. In the meantime, the bridges continue to deteriorate. Frankly, my constituents and our town deserve better.

“These bridges don’t just connect our town, they are also gateways into our town, and as such they offer a first impression of Warrington to our visitors. The way they look matters. 

“My constituents feel let-down by Peel Port’s inaction to date.

“I believe that Peel Ports has a corporate responsibility to act on this issue and by doing so proving that they are indeed committed to our town and our communities.

“I hope that my letter will now spur Peel Ports on to do the right thing and carry out the maintenance on the bridges that is so desperately needed.”

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