Pension Awareness Day

On Pension Awareness Day I stand by all 1950s-born women in Warrington South and across the country affected by changes to the state pension age.

The women affected did not have fair notification of the changes and some women have told me they did not receive any notification at all. As a result, many women are now in financial hardship.

I will keep up the fight to right this terrible injustice! #PAD19
BackTo60 WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign

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  • Maureen Wordsworth 19 / 10 / 2019 Reply

    I appreciate everything you are doing for the Waspi Women. I am 65 this month and it frustrates me when I see in the papers on tv celebrities such as Deborah Meade who has millions getting their freedom pass at 60 and here in Warrington we have to wait until pension age. I don’t blame them personally it is the system. I know Warrington Own Buses won’t do anything but Warrington Borough Council own them so why can’t they do something. It’s bad enough not getting your pension you have worked for all your life but at least if I got a bus pass it would help. Bus fares are expensive here. Thanks

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