Faisal Rashid MP Tackles the PM on the Government’s approach to unfair leasehold practices

Earlier today in Prime Minister’s Questions, Faisal Rashid MP confronted the Prime Minister about the Government’s U-Turn on Ground Rents.

Faisal spoke on behalf of the hundreds of his constituents who have been trapped by spiralling ground rents and questioned the Prime Minister on the Government’s commitment to crack down on unfair leasehold practices.

After the question, Faisal said: “I am pleased I was given the opportunity to raise the issue of ground rents with the Prime Minister, but I am disappointed with her lacklustre response.

“The Prime Minister refused to answer my question on the Government’s recent U-Turn on Ground Rents and she did not offer any real commitment on the reform of leasehold practices.

“This is an issue that affects many of my constituents and I will be keeping up the pressure on the Government to tackle unfair leasehold practices.

Within this, I will also continue to raise another issue affecting both new and existing new-build homeowners; who are being entered into property management agreements and are being tied into paying management fees, often without their knowledge until it is too late.

“The Government has continually let individuals down who are affected by these issues, and it is high time that the action that has been promised is finally taken.”

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