Faisal urges Peel Ports to work with Warrington Borough Council to resolve swing bridge issues ‘swiftly and smoothly’

Faisal Rashid, MP for Warrington South, has written to Peel Ports Chief Executive, Mark Whitworth, calling on him to ensure that Peel Ports works with Warrington Borough Council to ensure the town’s three swing bridges are painted as soon as possible.

In his letter, which is copied to the Council, Faisal makes it clear that while he welcomes Peel Ports’ commitment to carrying out the works and the proposed investment in the town, he has concerns regarding the proposed duration of the works that have been suggested and the knock-on effect that any lengthy delays could have on the town.

Faisal has called on Peel Ports to work closely with the Council to ensure that every step is taken to minimise the impact of the works, whilst ensuring they can start as soon as possible.  

Faisal Rashid MP said:

“This issue has been ongoing for many years and my constituents are extremely frustrated at the apparent lack of action to date. I share my constituents’ concerns.

“From the meetings I have held on this issue, I understand that work on each bridge could result in its closure for a period of six months. I am concerned about the impact these closures could have on the town – for both road users and pedestrians.

“However, from my discussions on this issue with the Council, I believe there are several actions that could be taken which could either reduce the amount of time the bridges are closed or remove the need for their closure altogether – for example by leaving a single lane open for use. This could remove the need for lengthy closures.

“A thorough exploration of these options would mean that this much-needed work could be brought forward at the earliest opportunity and that the work would have minimal impact on the local area. While it is for the Council to conduct its own due diligence, I have encouraged them to undertake this analysis as soon as possible. Once this has been carried out, I hope that Peel Ports can work closely with the Council to seek a suitable resolution.

“It is essential that all parties concerned work together constructively and willingly and in doing so resolve this longstanding issue as swiftly and smoothly as possible.”

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