Warrington Mayor 2016

A Mayor that won Warrington people’s hearts

2016 / 17

Cllr Faisal Rashid

133rd Warrington Mayor and first citizen of Warrington

My love of Warrington and its beautiful people pushed me to bring the community closer, not only for the opportunity to bring people together but also for business initiatives.

With a young family at home and a full-time job, I have still managed to dedicate myself to bringing a smile to Warrington people’s faces.

My involvement with the community in Warrington, my position as borough councillor since 2011, and my Mayoral year have enabled me to become a respected and well-known public figure across all the communities in Warrington.

Meet Former Mayor Faisal Rashid | Mayor of Warrington in 2016
Faisal Rashid | Former Mayor of Warrington
Faisal Rashid | Mayor of Warrington
Former Mayor Faisal Rashid

As Warrington Mayor, I have raised my profile significantly through various community initiatives (as can be seen on my social media). I have raised almost £70k for my chosen Mayoral charities, significantly more than any of my predecessors.

Throughout my year as Warrington Mayor I have attended hundreds of community/civic engagements and events in every part of Warrington, engaging with residents of all ages and walks of life. For these, I have received many messages of appreciation.

I have greatly enjoyed all this diverse activity which I have shared with the community through my social media channels.


My Mayoral charities were aligned with my vision of bringing more prosperity and care to Warrington. I feel great pride in picking up diverse charities which are supporting deserving people of Warrington.
I feel proud and blessed with the support I have received in raising record breaking amount of just under £70,000… The highest ever in any Mayoral year in Warrington.


When a child and family attends Brainwave, they spend two days at a centre being assessed by a dedicated team of physio, occupational and educational therapists. They work to devise a unique programme designed to suit that child’s needs, which will help them to reach their individual milestones from feeding to walking.

Foundation for Peace

A charity that works nationally and internationally for peace and non-violent resolution of conflict. It delivers unique programmes that focus on young people, from offering general leadership development to working with those who may be vulnerable or at risk of being influenced by extremism.

St Rocco’s Hospice

St Rocco’s Hospice has cared for people with life limiting illnesses in Warrington and their families for more than thirty years. They are dedicated to helping each patient live their life to the full with respect, dignity and choice and believe in making every day count for everyone – patients, carers, their families and loved ones.

Warrington Charities Trust

Warrington charities trust aims to provide grant-aid to assist and support small needy charities and voluntary organisations which provide charitable activities in and for the benefit of the inhabitants of Warrington borough, their quality of life and their environment.

Warrington Disability Partnership

A voluntary organisation run predominately by disabled people with the aim of improving the quality of life for disabled people and their families through a range of direct and indirect services.

Warrington foodbank

The Warrington foodbank is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area, but part of The Trussell Trust’s network of 428 foodbanks.

Warrington’s YMCA

Warrington’s YMCA is a local charity forming part of the national organisation, looking to help young people with various aspects of their life such as housing, education and advice.

Care UK Charity

Helping those in need wherever they are, working locally supporting families in crisis with practical aid, and partnering with groups around the country, ensuring all your donations go to the people who need them.


Over his mayoral year, Warrington Mayor Faisal Rashid created many great first of their kind initiatives.

Mayor’s Inaugural Charity Ball

Raising over 12K in one night.

Christmas Dinner for the Vulnerable

A SPECIAL Christmas meal was staged for the Town Hall’s vulnerable, homeless, and lonely residents.

First ever Mayoral Business Seminar

To promote Warrington’s future regeneration and to share innovative business ideas for the town.

Interfaith Prayer Event

Held first time at Warrington Town Hall to pray for world peace.

Queen 90th Birthday Garden Party at the Town Hall 

Residents were invited to a garden party at the Town Hall to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Multi-Cultural Evening, Walton Hall

A SPECTACULAR evening of food and entertainment from around the world.

Breaking the Barriers

A flagship event held at Parr Hall where all the mainstream religions and non-faith residents across Warrington attended and appreciated.

Circle – The Future

An initiative by the Mayor to help turn Warrington into an entrepreneurs’ hub.

Warrington’s Got Talent

To encourage Warrington’s gifted individuals and provide a platform to promote their talent.

Mayor’s Achievement Awards

To recognise the work of unsung heroes of Warrington. This initiative will be a legacy of Cllr Faisal Rashid, Warrington Mayor, and a great gift to the people of Warrington.

Civic Charity Ball

May 12 – A night to remember with the Warrington Mayor.


A new initiative, focusing on Business, Culture & Sport and Charity.

Circle - The Future


Faisal's mayoral legacy

As Warrington Mayor, Faisal launched the initiative, inviting local businesses to sign up to The Circle, to create new opportunities and enhance existing ones while creating a culturally cohesive society.

With the help of business community engagements, it will include Start-up Club, CEO Club, Sector Clubs, Power Series, Social Events, Monthly Newsletter, Charity Events and Support.

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