Warrington South MP slams the Government for lack of transparency in Trade Bill

At the Second Reading of the Trade Bill in Parliament last week, Faisal Rashid MP spoke out against the Government for the lack of Parliamentary and public scrutiny that has been included in the Trade Bill.

The Bill is designed to bring Trade Deals between the European Union and ‘Third Countries’ into UK Law, following our departure from the European Union, to allow the UK to continue to Trade with these countries.

However, the Bill contains no provision for any form of parliamentary or public scrutiny of these deals before they are enshrined into UK law.

Labour believe that the Bill gives the Government far too much un-checked and unnecessary power.

By using sweeping ‘Henry VIII’ powers, the Government is proposing that it should be allowed to bring these new trade deals into law with no means of parliamentary scrutiny, no means of public consultation, no impact assessments, no debate, no way to amend the deals and crucially, no meaningful vote.

The Warrington South MP argued that this was simply not acceptable, and that power should be given to the British people, as was promised during the referendum.

Faisal Rashid MP has been selected to appear on the Bill Committee, which will consider Amendments to the Bill and will scrutinise it further before it is presented back to Parliament for the remaining stages, in the coming weeks.


He said:

This Bill is nothing short of an assault on parliamentary sovereignty, and on our democracy. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Bill does almost nothing but undermine MPs’ capacity to scrutinise legislation


“This is yet another desperate power grab by the Government, who are continuing to show complete contempt for democracy.


“We have heard time and again that Britain’s departure from the European Union was to be about taking back control, and giving power back to the UK Parliament and the British people. Yet all this Bill is doing is leaving the British people vulnerable to the whims of ‘big business’ and taking power away from parliament.


“Trade deals have the potential to impact how our public services are run, our workers’ rights, our health and safety regulation, our environmental regulation and many other areas; we must be prepared to protect these.


“I will continue, along with my Labour colleagues, to fight for these protections, for my constituents in Warrington South, and for people across the United Kingdom.”

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